What To Know About Wood Garage Doors

The beauty of wooden garage doors is unmatched. It adds an eye-catching pop to your house that attracts attention. If you're considering replacing your garage doors with wood, check out these must-know facts to help you determine if they are right for you.

Wooden Doors Can Be Customized

Wooden doors really stand out, especially because you can customize them in so many ways. Even if you go with a basic wood and style, you can paint or stain the doors in practically any color.  The customization, however, doesn't stop there. Wood doors made from knotty alder, cedar and ironwood have a unique appearance because the grains have an uncommon look, and the woods have a distressed appearance. Plus, with a wooden door, you have the option to have it carved, turning it into an elaborate work of art. No other garage door gives you the beauty of natural wood or the limitless opulent possibilities.

They Are Extremely Durable

Wooden doors are one of the most durable options for garage door materials. Unlike aluminum or steel doors, they are not prone to denting. Wooden doors also do a good job of withstanding scratches better than metal and fiberglass. If something does happen, and the door is damaged, repair is easy. You don't usually need to replace the entire door. You can simply repair the damaged panels.

Wooden Doors Offer Great Insulation

Wooden garage doors have a high level of insulation because the wood itself has a decent R-value, so you may see a decrease in your energy bills, especially if you heat your garage. Wood is also good at blocking sound. However, a solid wooden door cannot have any extra insulation added to the center, so if your main concern is a high R-value, it's best to stick with a steel door with insulation inside.

They Require a Lot of Maintenance

To keep your wooden garage door looking its best, you have to do a lot of routine maintenance. Besides standard garage door maintenance, such as examining the working parts, keeping moving parts lubricated, cleaning the tracks and checking alignment, you also have to protect the wood, which is prone to water damage and insects. This means you must keep the door properly sealed and/or painted to block against water and bugs. Checking and repairing the weather-stripping, especially on the bottom of the door, is also a must. Failure to do so impacts the durability of the door and causes it to become weakened, warped or cracked.

Installing a Wooden Garage Door Is Expensive

Looking for a cheap solution? Keep looking, because wood garage doors are expensive. Of course, the price greatly depends on whether you choose a stock door or a custom door. Stock doors average about $575, but a custom crafted one can reach at least $3000. If you choose stock doors, expect it to be made from pressed wood, which won't last as long or look as good. A custom door is much more expensive, but it allows you to choose the hardwood and design you like.

Wood Garage Doors Are Heavy

Solid wood doors are extremely heavy. This means you'll need a more powerful garage door opener and accessories (springs and wires) to work it. These more powerful openers are more expensive than standard ones, adding to the high cost of the door. If you fail to replace the opener and accessories with a heavy-duty one, you create a serious safety risk. The motor will likely fail, and the door may slam shut or completely collapse, causing major injury to people or damages to property.

If you can afford it and want to take the time to properly maintain them, wooden garage doors are a perfect option. If you're considering making the switch, contact a wooden garage door crafter in your area today. Click here for info on garage door suppliers in your area.