Why Your Garage Door Needs a Proper Seal

If you are like many homeowners who have to replace their garage door, you put a lot of thought into the type of door you are going to install. The look of your garage doors can make or break the look of your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not put the same amount of thought into the small extras such as the garage door seals. When the right seals are installed correctly, they offer many benefits you may not have even thought about.

Three Simple Reasons Your Garage Door Won't Close Completely

When your garage door isn't closing all the way, it's not only letting in unwanted summer heat, it's also a safety hazard. Manually opening and closing your garage door takes time and effort that could be better employed elsewhere. In other words – a broken garage door is a big hassle! Before you call a repairman, make sure one of these basic reasons isn't to blame. Reason #1: Something is Obstructing the Garage

Upgrading Your Garage: The Basics Of Adding A Screen Door

If you love spending time in your garage working on projects or enjoying recreational activities, you have to contend with keeping the space cool during hot weather. Instead of feeling like you are cooped up in a hot box as you spend time in your garage during the warmer months of the year, install a screen door for the structure. Benefits One of the main benefits of adding a screen door to your garage is that it lets cool breezes in while still protecting the interior.

Room Without A Vroom -- Garage Doors Aren't Just For Cars Anymore!

It wasn't that long ago that garage doors were used only to -- well -- protect the garage and its contents. But recently that has changed. Creative home and business owners are now frequently using garage doors in unexpected ways and locations. Why? Because today's garage doors are not just a convenient way to protect a large opening. They can also open up a building to the outside world, and some garage doors -- especially glass ones -- are also very beautiful.

Energy Efficiency | 5 Ways To Green Your Garage

If you are trying to live a greener lifestyle, don't forget about your garage. There are changes you can make that will help you save money and make your garage more environmentally friendly. If you have an attached garage, it's an outlet for energy loss and allowing fumes into the home. Your garage may already be mirroring a storage room, turning it into a health hazard. Here are some changes that will reduce hazards in your garage while reducing your carbon footprint on the earth.