Upgrading Your Garage: The Basics Of Adding A Screen Door

If you love spending time in your garage working on projects or enjoying recreational activities, you have to contend with keeping the space cool during hot weather. Instead of feeling like you are cooped up in a hot box as you spend time in your garage during the warmer months of the year, install a screen door for the structure.


One of the main benefits of adding a screen door to your garage is that it lets cool breezes in while still protecting the interior. You can let fresh air in and not worry about running up your utility bill by trying to keep the garage cool via an air conditioner.

In addition, when you have the garage door open and the screen down, you will not have to worry about pests like mosquitoes, roaches and flies infiltrating your space. You can enjoy the nice weather and have a great view to the outdoors while keeping annoying insects at bay.


You can choose from manual or automated screens that fit seamlessly with your garage door. If you are on a tight budget and enjoy DIY projects, you can install a hand-cranked, manual screen on your own that you can mount on the outside of your garage door.

However, it may behoove you to consult with a professional installer to make sure you purchase the right size screen and have the proper tools such as a power drill, metal cutters and rulers.

You may need to trim the screen mesh and perform other customizations to make the screen fit your garage door properly. If you have uneven concrete at the entrance of your garage, you will also need to level the surface with leveling compound.

For installation of an automated screen that blends in with the design of your garage door, hire a professional garage door installer. An automated screen door may use a spring-loaded mechanism that should only be handled by a professional. With an automated screen, you will be able to open or close the device with a remote control or a wall button.

Regardless of what type of screen you choose, you should be able to find one that fits standard single and double garage doors.

If you have a custom garage door, you can order a screen that fits the structure directly from the manufacturer or rely on a garage door installer to find the right product for you.


A high quality screen for your garage door should have a heavy-duty aluminum frame. In addition, you should be able to drive your car over the threshold of the screen frame without damaging your vehicle's tires.

You can add some privacy by selecting a screen with semi-transparent mesh. In addition to making the garage a nice, shady retreat, a semi-transparent screen also blocks wind and wind-driven rain from entering the garage.


If you want the screen to closely match your home's architecture, you can stain or paint it before installation. The top corners of the screen can be square or rounded with a decorative enamel finish.

For a home with carriage style garage doors, you can install manual or automated screens that slide open horizontally instead of vertically. You can add panels to screens for a more decorative look and feel as well.


While a screen is not as heavy as a garage door, you should follow the same safety measures for both devices. Do not allow children to play with the remote control of an automated device or try to "beat the screen" by running underneath the device when it is lowering. Do not attempt to repair any springs or rollers of an automated screen on your own.

Adding a retractable garage door screen to your home is a great investment if you want the convenience of a screened in porch without the costs of building an addition to your home. You can still use your existing garage door as normal and switch to the screen door whenever you want to spend time in the garage but feel like you are outside.