Transform Your Garage Door with These Inexpensive Faux Finishes

A new garage door can transform the entire look of your home. However, buying and installing a new garage door can be pricey. If your garage door is not in poor condition, there are a few inexpensive ways you can transform the appearance of the garage door with faux finishes. Here are a few popular finishes and how you can complete the looks on your own.

Faux Windows

Windows can make a garage door look more charming and inviting. They may not be a huge detail, but they can help your garage door stand apart from other similar garage doors in the neighborhood. If your garage door does not currently have windows, you can use paint to create the look of them. Follow these steps to add faux windows to your garage door:

  1. Clean your garage door thoroughly. Spray it down with a hose to remove dirt and debris. Fill a bucket with warm water and liquid dish soap. Scrub the door down with the soapy mixture and a soft cloth. Rinse the door with your hose. Allow the door to dry.
  2. Use blue painter's tape to tape out the rectangles or squares for your window. If you already have a paneled door, outline the existing panels in tape. After your rectangles are outlined, create a "t" or cross in the center using the tape. This gives the illusion of window panes.
  3. Paint in your faux windows with black acrylic exterior paint. Allow the paint to dry.  Repaint the squares until the desired level of darkness is achieved.
  4. Once the paint has dried, peel away the tape. If desired, use a gray acrylic paint and a thin paint brush to outline the inner edges of your window panes and create a shadowy effect. Allow the paint to dry.
  5. Use a clear water-based exterior sealer over the painted area to preserve the color and ensure the paint doesn't crack.

Faux Craftsman Design

Craftsman-style garage doors are characterized by the metal handles and design elements that are present on the garage door. While these garage doors are typically expensive, you can get a similar look by purchasing a decorative garage door kit. Follow these directions to install the kit on your garage door:

  1. Wash your garage door thoroughly.
  2. Position your hardware where you want it to go. Use a measuring tape to ensure everything is level and use a pencil to mark where you will drill. It is extremely difficult to patch a hole in a metal garage door, so make sure everything is where you want it before you begin to drill.
  3. Select the right drill bit for your job. Most garage doors are made from aluminum, so you will need an appropriately sized metal drill bit. However, if your garage door is made of a thicker metal, such as steel, you may need to drill a small pilot hole first before following with the larger hole. You can use a wood drill bit when drilling into a wood door.
  4. Position the hardware and screw them into place with your drill.

Faux Wood Doors

A wood garage door can add character and color to the front of your home. However, wood garage doors are pricey and require a lot of care and maintenance. If you are looking for a cheaper option, or one that requires less care, you can instantly transform your existing door. Follow these steps to transform your aluminum garage door into a faux wood door:

  1. Thoroughly clean your garage door. Any dirt or debris could cause bubbles and affect the smoothness of the paint job.
  2. Paint your entire garage door in a caramel or burnt orange color. Apply two to three coats until the color is rich. Don't be scared by the orange color. You will be covering it up later, but you need a base to create the depth and grain you would find on an actual wood door. Allow the paint to completely dry before moving on to the next step.
  3. For this step, you can either purchase a dark brown or chocolate glaze or you can make your own by purchasing a dark brown or chocolate paint. Combine about two tablespoons of water with two cups of paint to get a milk-like consistency. Add in more paint if your mixture is too thin and more water if the mixture is too thick. Making your own glaze is cheaper than buying it, but it can take a bit of time to mix the paint and water. Paint a small portion of your garage door with a paint brush using the glaze or paint mixture.
  4. Use an old cotton t-shirt, cloth, or towel and gently wipe down the painted area in a long, even stroke. As you do so, a wood grain-like pattern will begin to emerge. Continue painting and wiping until your entire door has this pattern.
  5. Allow the door to dry.

If you are looking to transform the appearance of your garage door, faux finishes can help you do this inexpensively. You can add faux windows, craftsman-style finishes and or give your door the illusion of being made from faux wood to give it a new look and add more curb appeal to your home. If you do need a new garage door, contact a company like A AAA Allstate Door Company.