These Areas Of Your Home Need To Be Insulated, Stat!

If you haven't already gotten a comprehensive insulating team to look over your home, there is a good chance that your heated and cooled air is leaking out of your house as we speak. The following areas are the most important to have insulated throughout your home:


Windows are a very common place where cold air can escape from an older home. Window treatment is the inexpensive solution. Ideally, you would have tempered glass that retains the temperature on either side of the panel. Traditional glass is a material that allows heat to pass through easily, but the window treatments are geared towards making the material more insulated. Equally important is the seal around the glass; the cracks that come with window glass edges are a great place for air to pass freely if it's not stopped by a sealant.

Adjoining Wall Edges

Another place to check is the edges of adjoining walls. Although these are typically insulated during construction, this is one of the places where insulation can wear away quickest. A poor insulation job here will cost you money each month as it raises your gas and electricity bill, so consider getting estimates for patching up faulty insulation.

Garage Door

Your garage door constitutes a pretty large area; it's an entire wall of your home in some cases. So, there's a pretty good reason to spend money on an insulated garage door. Many of the more modern garage door designs are already insulated. They start with an insulated core material, and the frame is built around it. These doors are shown to be well-suited to inclement weather as well as the pressures of keeping your home insulated from the elements. If you don't already have an insulated door, you might consider getting an upgrade or adding a storm door to cover your existing garage door installation; ask your garage door repair team for options. 

These are only a few of the areas to look into when insulating your home. Every home is actually a little bit different. If you have the money to spend on a home energy auditor, it can be well worth it. The auditor will go through your home and measure the amount of air lost through walls, doors, and cracks in your home's current insulation. They will be able to tell you the best places to start, although all of the areas mentioned here are important.

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