4 Benefits Of Installing Retractable Screens On Your Patio

If your home features a patio, consider installing a retractable screen system on it. Here are just a few reasons to do so:

Keep All the Bugs Away

One great reason to install a retractable patio screen system is to keep the bugs out of your patio throughout the year, day and night. This will allow you to spend more time outside without having to fight off the mosquitoes, flies, and other pests that tend to bother you outside. Retractable screens will allow you to relax in a pest-free environment -- just like inside your home -- but you'll still reap the rewards of the fresh outdoor air. Whenever you want open access to the patio, you can just retract the screens with the push of a button.

Make Outdoor Time for Pets Safe

If you have cats or small dogs living in your home, a screened-in patio will give them a place to spend time outside where you don't have to worry about them wandering off or getting injured in the yard. Just lower the screens to enclose your porch and create an instant outdoor play area for your pups or your frisky cats. You won't have to worry about the expense of fencing your entire yard, using restraints for your dogs, or keeping your cats indoors for safety.

Increase Your Patio Privacy

Another benefit you can expect to enjoy after installing retractable screens on your patio is increased privacy. While you can see out through the screen, it will be hard for passersby to clearly see into your patio area as they walk or drive by. This will allow you to relax and take a nap without having to worry about any unwanted eyes on you. You can also let your kids play on the patio without having to worry about their safety when your eyes aren't on them.

Enjoy Protection From the Elements

A retractable screen system can help protect your patio and your family from the outdoor elements no matter what season it is. The screen will help keep some of the sun's UV rays out of your patio area, which means extra skin protection for you and your family. The screen will also help keep rain out of your patio so you can spend more time outside and your patio doesn't succumb to weather wear. You'll likely find that you don't have to refinish your patio floor as often as you do now, thanks to the extra protection.