Garage Door Opener Problems: Try These Simple Solutions

If your garage door opener works on some days and not others, you may give up and purchase a new one. But before you buy a new opener, try to fix it first. Your opener could have a minor problem to fix, such as dead batteries, or it could need new electrical contacts. Fix your garage door opener with the simple solutions below.

Check the Batteries

If your garage door opener comes with a remote, you want to check the batteries in the remote before you do anything else. Garage door remotes generally use lithium-ion or alkaline batteries for power. If you use the remote regularly, the batteries could be weak or dead. In this case, the remote won't have enough power to communicate with the garage door opener.

First, access the batteries inside the remote. Next, remove the batteries and replace them with a fresh set. Test the remote to see if it works.

If the garage door still won't raise, check the backup battery inside your opener. The battery powers the opener whenever you lose electrical power in the garage or home. The battery should sit in the back of the opener. Uncover the battery and examine the tiny LED light on it. If the light beeps or flashes red, it's time to change the battery. 

Now, try to use the remote. If the door still doesn't raise, it may be time to get a new garage door opener.

Install a New Garage Door Opener

You can install the new opener yourself, or you can call a garage door specialist instead. If you don't know how to install the opener properly, go ahead and contact a contractor. A contractor can examine your current opener and determine whether or not the device is right for your garage door or if you need something else.

After a garage door specialist selects the right opener for your garage, they'll test the device. If the opener and remote raise the door, you don't need to do anything else. If the opener or remote still struggles to lift the garage door, a contractor will check the following:

  • electrical contacts in the wall unit connected to your opener for rust
  • sensors in your garage door for misalignment and other problems
  • garage door for mechanical failure

If a contractor determines you have a problem with any of the parts above, they'll help you fix them.

You can find help with your garage door opener by contacting a contractor or specialist today. To learn more, visit a website like