Assumptions To Avoid Making About Garage Door Installations

Installing a garage door system for the first time or replacing your current garage door can both be major projects to undertake. However, there are some common assumptions about garage door installation or replacement projects that can make it harder for you to make smart choices for your house.

Assumption: Homeowners Can Replace Their Current Garage Door Without A Contractor

If your home already has a garage door system installed, you may assume that it will be easy to replace the garage door without needing to hire a professional contractor. While it is theoretically possible for a homeowner to complete this work, it can be far more challenging than you may assume. In addition to the garage door itself being a very heavy component, it can also be challenging to effectively align the garage door. If the door is not properly aligned, it can damage the tracks when it is opened or closed.

Assumption: There Is Little Difference Between Garage doors Outside Of Appearances

There can be significant variation in the performance of the garage doors that you are considering for your home. While differences in the appearance of these doors will be very noticeable, factors such as energy efficiency and noise reduction may not be obvious without closely reviewing the ratings for the garage door. In addition to the base energy efficiency or noise-proofing features, you can also install insulated stripping along the interior side of the door that will further reduce the drafts. This is especially important as they are able to form in the small cracks between the sections of the garage door.

Assumption: It Is Not Possible To Effectively Secure A Garage Door System

Modern garage doors are typically equipped with a sophisticated locking system that keeps the door secure when it is closed. In addition to the locking system for the door, you should also review its impact rating. If a potential criminal is not able to open the door, they may attempt to damage the individual panels until they fail. Choosing a garage door with a high impact rating can reduce the potential for someone to forcibly gain entry. Additionally, these doors will be less likely to suffer damage in the event that the door is struck by a piece of flying debris during strong storms. If your garage door has windows, you should make sure that they are made of impact-resistant glass to reduce the water damage or security issues that could arise if the windows break.

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