Garage Door Opener Repair: Signs Of Trouble

Garage door openers have become a standard addition to any home with a garage because they make it easier to open and close that large garage door without having to worry about manual effort or having to stop your car outside to open or close the door. However, garage door openers are also prone to malfunctions. Here's a look at some of the things that you should understand about malfunctioning garage door openers.

Is The Wall Panel Not Responding?

When you walk into your garage, the wall panel gives you a set of control buttons to open and close the garage door and, often, control the light as well. If you hit the button on the wall panel and the garage door opener doesn't respond, that's a cause for concern. In some instances, the problem is with the panel itself. Whether it's an electrical short or a communication problem between the panel and the motor, a garage door opener repair technician can help.

Is The Garage Door Not Closing?

If you hit the button on the wall panel or remote to close your garage door, but the door doesn't close, the source of the issue could be one of a number of things. In some cases, the sensor system is blocked and triggering the safety override. In other cases, the rollers might be frozen or jammed, keeping the door from moving. If you don't hear the opener's motor engage at all when you hit the button, that's a problem with the opener itself that needs the attention of a repair technician.

Is Your Opener Sounding Unusual?

If you engage the garage door opener and hear a strange sound, that could be an indication of a malfunction. Whether it's a problem with the door needing lubrication or an indication that the chain drive of the opener system is not moving as it should and is causing odd noises. When you hear something like that from your garage door opener, that's a sign that you'll need to call a local garage door opener repair technician. He or she can isolate the source of the noise and address it.

Keeping your garage door opener functioning properly is essential for safety and security. Talk with a garage door opener repair technician near you about any concerns that you might have about your home's garage door opener system today. The more proactive you are, the safer your opener system will be.