How To Make Your Detached Garage Match The Rest Of The Exterior Of Your Home

If your detached garage is on the front side of the house but it looks more like an eyesore than anything, then you should try to spruce it up. One common mistake that people make with their exterior design is to ignore the visual appeal of their garage. If you want to make your house look more cohesive and if you really want to make your garage look like less of a dump, then this article is definitely for you.

Garage Door Giving You Problems? Solutions You Can Try to Fix It

With your garage door being used so frequently, it should be no surprise to you when it stops working. Small parts of this complex appliance can potentially cause the entire door to fail. Don't rush off to call a local garage door repair specialist, since you can try fixing it on your own with these solutions. The Garage Door Won't Close One problem you may run into is a garage door that won't close when you activate it.

How To Storm-Proof Your Garage Door And Prevent Catastrophic Wind And Water Damage From Severe Storms

High-speed winds during a severe storm put enormous amounts of pressure on your garage door. When a garage door experiences wind forces that are too high for it to handle, it will begin to buckle inward. The edges of the garage door will pull away from your garage, creating a gap for wind to enter in. The wind on both sides of your garage door rapidly rips your door entirely off of its track and exposes your garage to storm-force winds.

These Areas Of Your Home Need To Be Insulated, Stat!

If you haven't already gotten a comprehensive insulating team to look over your home, there is a good chance that your heated and cooled air is leaking out of your house as we speak. The following areas are the most important to have insulated throughout your home: Windows Windows are a very common place where cold air can escape from an older home. Window treatment is the inexpensive solution. Ideally, you would have tempered glass that retains the temperature on either side of the panel.

Three Reasons To Use Your Flooring Choice For Your New Garage Door

If you are redoing your home and adding wood flooring, it may be surprising to see just how different and clean it makes the home look. If you have a lot of leftover flooring, you may wish to do something constructive with this material. Instead of trying to find a buyer or just stacking it in storage, you can use this for other aesthetic projects around the house. Here are three reasons you should use your leftover wood to build a new garage door.